PhoneTek started off as a Hard Box Phone System Provider. However as times changed PhoneTek realized that not only was the Hard Box Phone System expensive, it did not allow small and medium businesses to be competitive. PhoneTek quickly changed its business plan and started to offer its own brand of Hosted PBX for small and medium business professionals. By combining a single number with advanced call management tools, PBX, Internet fax and voicemail, PhoneTek is able to provide customers with what they need for an efficient communications system.

Not only does PhoneTek offer businesses a cost effective solution, it offers home users an alternative from high priced phone lines and long distance rates. PhoneTek is one of the leading providers of Long Distance in North America, with some of the best rates for International Calling.

PhoneTek is constantly looking to improve its services to serve its customers better. Any comments are always welcome; feel free to contact any of our qualified sales representatives or emails our general mailbox:

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