The Basics


What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology for transmitting telephone call over an IP (Internet Protocol) enabled network, which may be a private network or the Internet. VoIP is a standard expression used to describe a set of services for managing the delivery of voice information using the IP. This means that voice calls are converted from analog to digital which is different than the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).


How does it work?

VoIP calls are routed over an IP network by converting voice traffic in to data packets, which are then transported over an IP network. When the data packets reach their destination they are then reassembled and converted back into voice. PhoneTek’s VoIP services allows you to communicate with other customers, where ever they maybe in the world at no additional cost.


What are the benefits of PhoneTek PBX Service?

PhoneTek PBX Service provides you with a feature reach service that provides you with the same functionality of a traditional PBX without the costs and management issues. You get this functionality at a lower cost of ownership.

  • Enables remote workers
  • Frees up IT staff to address core business issues
  • Drives cost savings while enabling corporate flexibility for seasonal business trends
  • Retain telephone numbers


Are the calls for PhoneTek’s PBX services secure?

PHONETEK ensures that its VoIP network is secure. PhoneTek PBX service phones and gateways are protected with an encrypted password to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access and exploiting your phone. Through IP you calls will only travel between your network and our switching platform.


Is PhoneTek’s PBX service better than a regular (POTs) telephone line?

Regular phone lines are generally used by small companies with a few phone lines. They offer users a low initial investment for hardware and little to no maintenance costs. However, the features on the lines are limited and potentially have a higher recurring monthly costs.There is normally a high cost to move or add lines.

The advantage of PhoneTek PBX service over regular phone lines is that PhoneTek gives users a significant amount of calling features and the ability to take their phone service with them – all at a lower cost.


Is there an advantage to using PhoneTek’s PBX service over a key system?

Key systems are generally used in small to medium companies. They can support a few business lines and are used with multiple phones. They have common features that can be shared amongst the phones and require hardware start up costs. Most systems require out of pocket costs to purchase, install and maintain the system and have limited expandability.

The advantage of PhoneTek’s PBX service over key systems is that there is no need to purchase costly hardware that depreciates and becomes outdated. PhoneTek’s PBX service is feature rich and is easier to scale. Additionally, besides the monthly fee there are no monthly maintenance contracts. PhoneTek provides a modern phone system that is always up to date with the latest software at a lower cost than a key system.


Is PhoneTek’sPBX service a suitable replacement for a PBX?

PBX systems are generally used in large companies and in campus settings.They can handle a high call volume and support many phones and trunks. They offer flexible features and are expandable.However, most PBX systems require a high initial capital expenditure and are expensive to support and maintain.

PhoneTek’s PBX service can provide the same functionality of a PBX without the burden of high up front costs and maintenance contracts. PhoneTek’s PBX does not require a full time resource to maintain it.


How does PhoneTek’s PBX service compare to Centrex?

Centrex systems are used for business that have employees in diverse locations and/or do not want to maintain a PBX or key system. However, Centrex systems typically come with high monthly recurring costs and incurs charges from the telephone company anytime a move add or change is required. Centrex systems normally come with proprietary phone sets that can only be used with the telephone company.

The advantage of PhoneTek’s PBX over Centrex is that PhoneTek’s PBX offers the best of both Centrex and PBX systems to businesses. It also provides the most features and the flexibility for a virtual office solution making it seem from a communication standpoint like everybody is in the same office location. PhoneTek’s solution is cost effective and easy to manage.


What is the difference between Office and Mobile Office?

PhoneTek Office is a phone system replacement and telephone line replacement that provides all the functionality that a business will need to communicate with their customers. It is ideal for a business with a remote workforce, branch office or a business looking more productivity while reducing costs.

PhoneTek Mobile office provides a virtual receptionist that answers incoming calls on your behalf and routes it to the phone of your choice. It is ideal for companies that would like to have a professional presence while using their existing telephone lines.

Getting Going


How long does it take to transfer to your service?

We will activate and ship your phone to you in 5 to 7 days and your service will be active at this time. If you are porting numbers over to our service, the port can take up to 15 business days.

What is required to install my service?

You will not need a team of technical people to come onsite to set up your service. Once you have received the PhoneTek PBX equipment, you will only need to plug it into your Internet connection and a power supply. Our Support team will be available to help you get up and going if you have any questions.


What type of Internet connection do I need for the service?

Our service will work with any reliable high speed Internet service. We advise that you have 100kbps of bandwidth available for each concurrent call you anticipate to have. Our service will not work on a dial up connection. Please go to [link} to see how many phone your existing Internet connection can support.


What equipment do I need to have in my office?

You will need a router that is connected to your Internet connection with enough ports to support the total number of PhoneTek devices you have purchased. For best quality we suggest that you use a modem with QoS capabilities and configure it to make voice calls a priority over your other Internet traffic.

What happens in during an Internet or power failure?

PhoneTek PBX services are a hosted solution, which will allow it to continue operating should there be a power failure of Internet disruption. Your call will continue to be answered and your voice mail will continue to be active. You will be able to use the find me follow me service to have the service routed to another phone of your choice


Using your Service


How do I log into my account?

You can log into your account going to [link to Commportal] and entering your assigned phone number and password.


How do I reset my password?

You can change your password by logging into the web portal at [link to commportal] and then select the settings tab.


How do I get my voice mail?

There are several ways for you to retrieve your voice mail:

  • From your desk: You can dial *98 from your phone and then enter your voice mail PIN and then #.
  • From another desk in your office: Dial *98 and then *. You will then be prompted to enter your office number (please enter all 10 digits) and then your PIN then #.
  • From a phone outside your office: Dial your office number, when the voice mail greeting plays, dial *, then input your PIN. Note, if you have activated Find me/Follow me you will need to adjust the timing to allow your PhoneTek voice mail to play prior to the voice mail of your forwarded device. ck in before the voice mail of follow me/find me number, dial , then your PIN.


How Do I record my Voice mail box greetings?

  • Dial*98 from your phone
  • Input your voice mail PIN,
  • Select option 3: Work with your greetingsÂ�
  • Follow instructions to record your own greetings or select a system generated greetings.


How to change My Voice mail PIN?

Using your phone:

  • Dial*98 from your phone,
  • Input your voice mail PIN
  • Select option 4: Change SettingÂ�
  • Select Option 3: Security Options
  • Select option :1 ( Change PIN )

If you changed your PIN, your web portal password is changed to the same value.

Using the Web Portal

  • Login in to your web portal as a standard user
  • Select the SettingsÂ� tab under SecurityÂ�
  • Enter the new password and confirm it
  • Click on Change PasswordÂ�

This new password will be applicable for both your voice mail and the web platform

How do I adjust the length of time it takes for my voice mail to answer a call?

  • Login your Web portal as a Standard User
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select Preferences”, under “Voicemail Preferences “
  • In the box for “Incoming calls are forwarded to voice‹mail after seconds. “, enter the desired amount of seconds that you would like the phone to ring before it goes into voice mail (Note: Each ring is approximately 5 seconds and the maximum length of time is 60 seconds.)

I accidentally deleted a voice mail message, how can I get it back?

  • Dial *98 from your phone
  • Enter you PIN
  • Select option 6 recover deleted messages

What features are available with the service?

We offer a feature rich service that combines the features available with a telephone line along with those of a fully featured PBX at a cost effective rate. Please see our feature list at the following link.

Can I make international calls?

Yes! You can dial international calls directly from your phone, using the same dialing sequence that you use today. We offer a very competitive rate for long distance calls. Please refer to [link to international] to see our rates.

Can I dial directory assistance?

Yes, you can reach directory assistance by dialling 411 or 1 (area code) 555 1212. We charge a rate of $1.50 per call.

Can I make a collect call?

Yes, you can make a collect or billed to third party call. Billing for this service is handled by a third party that has full responsibility for the rates and customer service issues.

Can I receive a collect call?

No, you are not able to receive a collect call with our service.

How do I make a long distance call?

There are no PIN or access codes to dial. You will be able to dial long distance calls in the same way as you would from a regular phone.

How many minutes are included in my account?

PhoneTek PBX service comes with unlimited minutes for your phone lines. The unlimited minutes applies to Canada and the USA. Unlimited plans are subject to our fair use policy as identified in our terms of service available at:


Web Portal


What is an Administrator?

The administrator is the designated manager of the phone system that has full access to make changes to the settings and configuration of the phone system. If you are the administrator and you would like to log into your account, go to [link to commportal] and select the administrator� option. You may then log in using your assigned phone number and password.

What is a Standard user?

This is an end user that uses the service. They will only have rights and privileges to manage their own account. Any changes impacting the company as a whole is managed by the Administrator.

How can I login in to the web portal to manage my company features?

To login as Administrator, follow the following steps:

  • Go to , click on My Account, and then click on Administrator
  • Login number is the telephone line number with administrator privilege.
  • Click the Auto-Attendant link towards the bottom of the left hand side of Webportal Portal
  • Follow the instructions in this section

How can I login to the web portal to manage my features?

To login as a Standard User, please use the link below:

  • Click on My Account, then click on Standard UserÂ�
  • Enter your telephone number (all 10 digits) in the number section
  • Enter in the password associated with your account.

When you login to your voice mail box for the first time you will need to initialize your voice mail box by following the voice instructions.

I am the administrator how do I log in to manage my personal line features?

To manage your own features, follow the login instructions of a standard user�.

How can I check my voice mail from the web portal?

  • Login into the web portal as a standard user Â�web portal for your lines as Standard User,
  • On the portal dashboard you will see You have X messages
  • Click on the Dashboard link, which will display a new page with all of the voice mails listed with a Play button besides each voice mail
  • Press the Play button beside the message you will like to hear.

How do I set up the voice mail to email function?

When you set up the voice mail to email feature, your voice mail will be forwarded to you email as an attachment, and will use your default media player to play the message. To set up the voice mail to email feature:

  • login your webportal as Standard User, Click on Settings, then click on Messaging
  • Check on check box Auto-forward all voice ‹mail messages as ‹mails to:Â�,
  • Type in your email address in the text box
  • Click the “Apply” button.

It is recommend that the “Leave a copy of forwarded voice‹mail messages and faxes in the inbox box be checked as it will ensure that you have a copy of your voice mail in your mailbox.

How to setup follow me/ find me service (FMFM)?

  • Login to the system as a standard user
  • Click on the follow me link on the lower right hand side of the dashboard
  • Click the add rule button at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter required information and then click on the enter button
  • If required repeat the step above to add additional telephone numbers
  • Click on the apply button

Auto Attendant Configuration


How Can I manage my Auto-Attendant?

Log in to the You can manage your Auto-Attendant with WebPortal (login as administrator) or with a telephone via Telephone user Interface (TUI), You can manage most of the features of your auto-attendant with Web portal, some features with Telephone User interface (for example, recording extension names).

How can I use my telephone to manage my auto attendant?

Using the telephone interface you can:

  • Activate or deactivate the Auto Attendant.
  • Record and check announcements and the recorded names for extensions.
  • Test the Auto Attendant menus to ensure that they are operating as you intended.
  • Change the password you use to enter this interface.
  • To access the telephone interface for Auto-Attendant, dial 4163420781 (no charge from a PhoneTek telephone) .
  • Enter the main telephone number
  • Enter the Auto-Attendant password.

You can now manage the auto attendant in the same manner that you would via the web interface.

How can I manage my auto-attendant announcement via phone using Telephone User Interface?

  • You can call 4163420781 (no charge from a PhoneTek Phone) from any phone then enter your Auto-attendant account number and password,
  • Then follow the voice instructions, for announcement management,press option
  • Each announcement has an announcement ID
  • You can login to the web portal as an administrator, to determine the announcement numbers.

How can manage my auto-attendant announcement via web portal ?

You can upload your pre-recorded announcements from Webportal. The pre-recorded announcement files must be in WAV or MP3 format.

Login the webportal as Administrator,

To edit an announcement, follow these steps:

  • Select the announcement in the menu tree.
  • Edit the Announcement Name field.
  • Edit the Announcement Description field.
  • Select a new announcement to upload by clicking on Browse.
  • Click on Save.


20) How to add Menu:

The Menus entry in the menu allows you to create the menus used by the Auto-Attendant, and the valid key presses in each menu.

To add a menu, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Menus menu entry.
  • Enter a name for the menu in the Menu Name text box.
  • Enter a description for the menu in the Menu Description text box.
  • Select the announcement to be played from the Announcement drop-down list.
  • Set the timeout period using the Timeout Period text box. This is the amount of time

the Auto-Attendant will wait after the announcement finished for an input from the user.

If the user doesnot select an option within this time then the Auto Attendant will perform

the action configured for the Timeout filter (described below).

  • Click on Save

How do I do configuring the Menu Options

You can use the Menu Options section to define what should happen when keys are pressed, or a Timeout happens.

To add an Action by, follow these steps:

1. Select a Filter from the drop-down list. This filter is either a key that the user can press, or when a timeout happens.

2. Select an action from the drop-down list. The action can be one of the following:

  • Announce-Release. This plays an announcement and then drops the caller call.
  • Announce-Return. This plays an announcement and then returns the caller to this menu.
  • Directory. This enters the directory function, which allows the caller to select and extension using dial-by-name.
  • Menu. Go to another menu.
  • Menu-Back. Return to the previous menu.
  • Release. Drops the caller call.
  • Transfer. Transfers the caller to either an extension within your business or to a number outside your business.

3. If you have chosen either the Announce-Release or Announce-Return actions, you need to select the announcement which will be played

4. If you have chosen the Menu action, you need to select the menu you wish the caller to be transfer to next.

5. If you have chosen the Transfer action, you must either select an extension to transfer the call to, or enter the full number you want the call transferred to, as you would dial it (so for example if you usually dial 9 for an outside line, you must enter 9 as the first digit here if specifying an external number).

6. Click on Add.

How do I configure menu assignments

Once you have created your menus, you now need to assign which menus will be played to the caller depending on whether they call during business hours, outside business hours, or during holidays. If you want to use the same menu for two or more of these cases then you can do this.

To assign menus, follow these steps:

  • Select the Menu Assignments entry in the tree.
  • Select the menu you want for holidays by using the drop-down list to the right of Select the menu that will be used on holidays.
  • Select the menu you want for business hours by using the drop-down list to the right of
  • Select the menu that will be used for calls made during business hours.
  • Select the menu you want for out of business hours by using the drop-down list to the
  • right of Select the menu that will be used for calls off business hours.
  • Click on the Save button.

Note: If you want to use same menu 24X7, you just need assign same menu for business hours, off business hours and holidays.


How do I record an Extension name for the Auto Attendant?

If you use a dial by name directory, you must record each extension name, you can record extension names in one of two ways:


  • You can pre-record the extension names in WAV or MP3 format, then login webportal as Administrator,Click on Auto-Attendant link, expand Extensions, select the extension you want to record the name, click on Browse, then select the pre-recorded file, then click Save.


  • (b)You cam also record the extension name with a phone via Telephone User Interface.
  • Call 4163420781 (this is a local call from a PhoneTek Phone) from any phone, then input your account number and password, choose option 3 To manage extension name.



Phone Numbers


Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, we can port most numbers. Call us today to find out if we can serve you.

Can I get a new number?

Yes, we can provide you with telephone numbers in most parts of Canada and the United States. Call us today to find out if we are able to provide you with a number of your choice.

Can I get an additional telephone number in another city?

Yes, this is a great way to reduce your toll free cost and have the image of being local in another city. This feature is available at an additional price. Call us today to find out if we are able to service your desired city.


How much does it Cost


We offer a competitive rate plan to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. Please go to [link] to see all of our plans.



How does 911 work?

While PhoneTek’s PBX services looks like your traditional phone service, it is important to note that there are several key differences. The VoIP 911 service that you will be provided has certain limitations relative to the phone service you may be used to. The limitations of the VoIP 911 will also apply to PhoneTek’s PBX.

911 calls made using PhoneTek’s PBX services will be routed to an operator, who may ask you to verbally reconfirm your address information, so that the operator can ensure that your call is routed to the appropriate emergency response centre.

Due to the nomadic nature of VoIP services, it is necessary to ensure that emergency responders are provided with the correct information. Your call will not be automatically routed to the 911 PSAP centre, nor will your location details.

Calls made using PhoneTek’s PBX services will take longer to be connected to the appropriate PSAP centre than calls made using a traditional phone line. As well, your ability to make a 911 call will be impacted by the availability of your network and may be affected by network-power and other outages. If you make a 911 call using your PhoneTek PBX service outside of our service area, it is possible that the operator will not be able to route your call to a 911 response centre for your emergency call.

For these reasons it is advisable to have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system or a traditional wire line telephone available for 911 emergency calls.

It is your obligation as a subscriber of PhoneTek PBX services to inform all users and potential users of the nature and limitations of PhoneTek’s PBX services.

PhoneTek, its affiliates, directors, employees, agents and underlying carriers, will not be liable for any damages, costs, injury death or damage to persons or property that arise directly or indirectly as a result or relating to 911 emergency calls

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