PhoneTek PBX

Some things get better with age; Unfortunately your old Business Telephone System is not one of them.

PhoneTek is offering the future of the Business Telephone System. With PhoneTek you will be able to Save Money, Improve Productivity, Create an Impressive Phone Presence, and Better Serve your customers.

Save Money

  • A Fully Scalable Solution, Only Pay for how what you are using, and easily upgrade or downgrade to suit your needs
  • Using a Hosted PBX means never having to do any Upgrades, Repairs, or Maintenance. We take care of all that, for free.

Improve Productivity

  • Never miss a call with features such as Individual Employee Voicemail,Find Me/Follow Me, Call Forwarding, Hunt Groups, Ring Groups,Softphones and more!
  • Answer a call from anywhere even if you are at Home, at the Airport, or in a Hotel
  • Have a Free Direct number for every employee, or Use a One Number for your Entire Business
  • Connect Remote workers, teleworkers, and mobile employees under the Same Phone System

Create an Impressive Phone Presence

  • Use an Enterprise Level phone system for your Small or Medium Business
  • Have all calls answered by an Auto Attendant custom built by you!
  • The ability to have a Dial by Name and Dial by Extension options
  • Have calls forwarded to employee Cell Phones using Find Me/Follow me,always be available.

Better Serve Your Customers

  • Be Easy to reach, no matter where you are
  • Have customers guided to the right person using the Auto Attendant
  • Customers will NEVER hear a busy signal
  • Use the web interface to Check Messages no matter where you are.

We are so confident in our product that we offer Month-to-Month plans,meaning you will never be locked into long term contracts. Our Clients Range from Massive Call Centres, to Small Home Business.PhoneTek Grows With Your Business, and we are always happy to support you.

PhoneTek PBX Comes bundles with all the following Features and More:

Per Station

Call management

Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Rejects an incoming call if the caller has blocked their caller ID

Call Display

  • Display name and/or number of caller for an incoming call.

Call Duration Display

  • Displays the duration of a call.

Call Forward Busy

  • Forwards incoming calls to an alternative number only when your line is busy.

Call Forward Fixed to Voice Mail

  • Forwards all calls to voice mail.

Call Forward No Answer (Delayed Call Forwarding)

  • Forwards incoming calls to an alternative number only when your line is not answered.

Call Forward Out of Service

  • Forwards calls in situations where the line is out of service.

Call Forwarding

  • Forwards all calls to your designated number.

Call Hold

  • Allows you to put a caller on hold.

Call Logs (Missed, Inbound, Outbound)

  • Ability to have access to a log of all calls to/from the user’s telephone number (kept for 60 days).

Call Mute

  • Mutes the microphone of the subscribers handset.

Call Waiting

  • A second call is announced to you by a special beep that a call is waiting.

Call Waiting / Caller ID

  • A second call is announced to you by a special beep that a call is waiting. The caller’s telephone number and/or name are displayed.

Caller ID

  • Enables you to see the name and/or telephone number of an incoming call.

Caller ID Block/Unblock

  • Allows a caller to block their outbound call display.

Caller ID Screening

  • Allows you to screen incoming calls depending on who is calling.

Conferencing (3-Way)

  • Enables you to have up to three called parties participate in a call.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • This feature lets you specify ‘do not ring this phone’ from a key on the phone set, or from the personal communications portal using call forwarding variable or call forwarding fixed to voicemail.

Find Me / Follow Me

  • Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) Allows callers to reach you on an alternate phone if you are away from your office phone.
    Last Call Return
  • Enables you to return the last call that they made by pressing a button.


  • Allows you to mute the microphone of their phone, while leaving the speaker active.

Priority Call List

  • Priority Call automatically sounds a special ring, when a call is received from a caller that is on your designated priority list.


  • Allows you to redial the last number that was called.

Speed Dial – Personal

  • Short code programming of frequently used numbers.

PBX Services

Call Restriction / Toll Restriction

  • Provides the ability to restrict the caller from making toll calls or dialing certain numbers.

Call Transfer – Blind

  • Allows you to transfer a call to another number without consulting with the receiving party.

Call Transfer – Consultative

  • Allows you to consult with the receiving party before transferring a call.

Click to Call Portal

  • Enables you to initiate call via your personal web portal.

Direct Phone Number

  • Enables each user in a business group to have a direct telephone number.

Select Call Block List

  • Allows you to designate a caller list that will automatically be blocked.

Select Call Forward List

  • Allows you to designate a caller list that will be automatically forwarded to another destination.

Web-Based Tools

  • Customize your phone service to meet your needs and to manage your call routing.


Stutter Notification

  • When a message is left, the subscriber will be notified by a variation in the normal dial tone.

Unified Messaging

  • Ability to receive email and voicemail into one box.

Visual Voicemail

  • The ability to be notified by e-mail of a new voicemail message, and the ability to retrieve message via a portal.


  • Allows callers to leave a voice mail for you when you are not able to answer the phone.


Click to Email

  • Ability to route voice mail to an email box.

Message Waiting Indicator

  • Turn on/off MWI indicator on telephone set for new unread messages.

Company Wide

Company Wide

Call Groups

  • Call Pickup allows a subscriber on a Business Group line to pick up an incoming call to any other line within a pre-defined group by dialing an access code.

Call Park

  • Allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other telephone set.

Call Pickup

  • Allows anybody within a group to enter a code and the extension number to pick up the ringing phone of a colleague.

Extension Dialing (Direct Inward Dial)

  • This feature lets you to access another user’s extension directly, without going through an attendant.

Hunt Groups

  • A hunt group enables multiple phone lines to be tied together so that a call that rings to the first line rolls over to the next line in the group if it is busy and so on.

Music on Hold

  • Provides a musical interlude for callers who are waiting on hold.

Speed Dial – Company

  • Short code programming of frequently used numbers. Entire company has access to calling list.



Auto Attendant

  • Greet callers with messages and menus that direct them to the desired contact.

Dial by Name

  • A computer generated auto-attendant voice will ask callers to enter the first or last name of the person they’re seeking, and then will read the person’s name and extension to the caller. It will also connect the call to the desired extension.

General Delivery Voicemail Box

  • A voice mail box, where a caller can leave a voice mail when they do not know the particular person/department that they are trying to reach.

General Information Message Box

  • Provides the caller with information about the company, such as address and phone number.

Moves, Adds and Changes

  • Online tool that enables the Business group administrator to make changes to a user’s profile.

InternationalCall Blocking

  • Block international long distance calling.
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