Every Company Has a Story. This is Ours.

It all started with a realisation that Canadian businesses could be so much more – if only they could get a handle on their IT.

Our founder, knew there had to be a better way for these organisations to get the benefits of technology. He set out to find a solution – a chance for them to get away from the stress of IT management altogether and simply focus on what they do best: their business.

That solution is Phonetek.

So how did we go about it? Well, by ensuring we offered the Canadian organisations exactly what they wanted: professionalism, know-how, simplicity and the same passion for their business as they have.

Everything about how we work is optimized to ensure the experience is absolutely exceptional. Phonetek goes to great lengths to create a team that is unified in its unerring focus on keeping customers happy no matter what it takes. Because of course, there’ll always be other companies who can provide you with the same technology; how we do it is where the magic lies.

True to purpose

Twenty years later, the Phonetek team remain committed to the original purpose of making business easier for our clients. Good thing too, as today it’s even harder for Canadian organisations to get the support they deserve. Not to mention how rapid evolution of technology only makes IT harder to keep-up with.

At Phontek our promise is to continually innovate and evolve to deliver on the needs of our clients, to own customer issues, and to act with genuine care. We aspire to be the best technology and business partner – today, tomorrow and in the future.

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