Connect devices and servers to Microsoft Cloud services for greater reliability and security.

What is Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute?

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute lets you extend your SD-WAN to Microsoft Azure cloud over a dedicated private IP connection.

It works through utilising Brennan IT’s core MPLS network’s direct connection with the Azure cloud edge at two points in Australia. We create a private connection for each customer through it and then configure your Azure tenant to route its external IP traffic down ExpressRoute, rather than the default internet route.

An ExpressRoute connection offers greater throughput consistency, reliability, lower latencies, and higher security than VPN Tunnel-based connections over the internet – and can save you money through avoiding Azure network Internet egress charges.

What is Phonetek Microsoft Connect?

Phonetek’s innovative ‘Microsoft Connect’ solution establishes secured, fast, low latency internet connectivity between your SD-WAN and the Microsoft 365 edge to provide brilliant user experiences.

Office 365 network data is only permitted to route via the internet in the interest of easy user mobility so, for the many businesses that have migrated to Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 platform, they’ll sometimes experience lags and delays. Phonetek’s solution provides a fast, low latency internet connectivity between user devices and applications (such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Teams and Skype for Business) meaning that your people can get more done.

We include 50Mbps of Microsoft Connect to every SD-WAN at no extra cost, saving you money on internet fees, and Microsoft Connect can also route Microsoft Azure data to your SD-WAN over the Internet if you do not have ExpressRoute, to compound the savings.

Key benefits to your organisation:

  • Faster user experience when consuming Microsoft Cloud-hosted applications in Azure, Office 365 or Dynamics 365
  • Global connectivity to Microsoft services across all regions with ExpressRoute premium add-on
  • Built-in redundancy in every Microsoft edge peering location for higher reliability
  • Lower internet costs with 50Mbps inclusive Microsoft Connect.

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