Secure your network from the inside out

Using complex techniques to sneak into corporate networks, client-side attacks are on the rise – you need to be very smart to outrun them. And traditional antivirus products aren’t enough to stop them.

As the challenges become more complex, how do you successfully secure the perimeter of your enterprise with fewer resources and less complexity?

The answer lies with a next gen firewall solution that includes integrated features like firewall services, intrusion prevention, web content filtering, application control, antivirus and threat protection, and site-to-site VPN.

All your network and cloud traffic passes through PhoneTek’s consolidated, easily scalable and future-proof next gen firewall solution. This makes it easy to configure consistent policies across your entire environment, not just certain elements of it.

Plus, with standard reporting across your entire environment, you get a single pane of glass management, threat analytics and actionable reports to enforce policies, understand targeted threats and meet compliance.

PhoneTek partners with the best in the business – Fortinet, a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Firewalls – to bring you a single solution for maximum threat protection. Our next gen firewall service consolidates advanced security and granular visibility for broad protection across your entire network.

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Secure connectivity to SaaS with Microsoft Connect

As more businesses move to use Microsoft SaaS applications, the demand for more cost-effective, secure internet connections for these apps is growing.

PhoneTek’s Microsoft Connect service delivers additional bandwidth via a private internet connection, moving network traffic to support SaaS apps like Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint off your primary internet link. It allows you to right-size your internet connection, freeing up a large bandwidth allocated for SaaS and benefiting from significant cost savings.

Microsoft Connect is one component of PhoneTek’s Network Security Managed Service.

One complete package

PhoneTek’s Network Security service is available on a subscription model as a cost-effective way for mid-market customers to benefit from Fortinet’s industry-leading security and performance.

It’s part of our Managed IT Security service, which covers your security from the desktop to the network to the cloud.


Protect network and data

Combining an integrated firewall, intrusion protection, application security and more into a virtualised service, PhoneTek will secure your network and data.

Cut costs

Benefit from the rich features of next gen firewalls on an affordable subscription model; and realise significant cost savings with Microsoft Connect.

Boost visibility

Deep visibility into your network, applications and users helps to protect it from known and unknown threats, with the automatic detection of users, end-points IoT and network devices.

Secure SaaS

Support all of your SaaS apps with a secure internet connection. Microsoft Connect frees up your existing bandwidth without compromising performance.

Why PhoneTek?

Best in class network security solution

PhoneTek offers a Fortinet next gen firewall as a managed service, including design and configuration, monitoring and alerting, incident response and resolution and monthly reports.

Multi layered security solution

Network security is an important element of your overall business security strategy, but you need more than that. PhoneTek delivers end to end security services in a multi layered solution.


When you partner with PhoneTek, you’re connected to a larger team of expert security partners such as Fortinet. Together, we support you against emerging threats across the board.

Enterprise security operations

Have the peace of mind know that a 24/7 Service Desk, including a Network Operations and Cloud Operations team are constantly overseeing the entire network.

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