Work smarter with a secure cloud based Hosted PBX solution

Our Hosted PBX cloud based Unified Communications (UC) solution is hosted securely in our Cloud and removes the need for you to manage and operate PBX hardware systems on your premise. In addition, the architecture also eliminates the need for separate ISDN and SIP trunks, as PSTN calling features are bundled into the monthly subscription.

The solution provides enterprise grade UC features, such as reception consoles, voice and video soft clients, instant messaging and presence, all at one low predictable monthly spend.

To compliment your implementation, we can also deliver call centre solutions, auto attendants, call recording and more for an integrated experience.

How does it work?

Delivered across our private IP network, eliminating the need for physical phone systems at different locations. High quality handsets are supplied, which simply plug into the local area Data network and connect securely back to the Hosted PBX in our Cloud.

Why partner with PhoneTek?

Manage your business from anywhere

We provide a number of tools to allow you to operate your business from anywhere on any device. Our soft clients, web portal, receptionist console and call centre console can all be accessed directly over the internet. This means your business is always on wherever you are.

 Handset or Soft Client Options

As part of the solution we offer a number of handsets from leading UC vendors, in addition we also offer soft client only solutions to cater for those team members who prefer headset based communications. Our soft clients work on PC, MAC, iOS, Android and iPad environments

 Mobility Integration for Workers

A number of powerful mobility integration features allow your staff to take and receive calls whilst on the road or teleworking. Incoming call plans can simultaneously ring your office and mobile, with soft clients allowing users to make and receive calls from their office number whilst on the road or working from home

 Business Productivity Benefits

Features such as Outlook calendar integration, instant messaging and presence allow you to see who is available in the business, who is busy and who is free to take a call. These tools in addition to regular phone calls are proven to give your business real productivity benefits.

 Technology Adoption Program

We understand that as a business, support and training are essential to the successful adoption and ongoing use of PhoneTek’s solutions. To ensure our Hosted PBX solution is the right fit for your business, we provide you tailored support and training.

 Unlimited MACs

Our dedicated 24/7 support agents and over 18 years of experience means we know how to operate and manage your phone system. Simply call us for any moves, adds and changes and we’ll take care of it for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best and that is running your business.

Benefits to your business from every angle

Business phone system capabilities are enhanced when using a Hosted PBX solution. The combination of savings, flexibility and increased flexibility makes it compelling for any business. See below a comprehensive list of benefits.

Simplified ManagementFinancial Benefits
Capabilities and features
IT Department
  • Quick deployment: The solution can be set up in a matter of days.

  • Scalability: With a traditional PBX system you need to buy more than you need to anticipate future growth, but a Hosted PBX is scalable, allowing you to grow one user at a time.

  • Reduce vendors: Simplify vendor management through one service provider, PhoneTek, eliminating figure pointing.

  • Eliminate vendor lock-in: In the on-premise world, you are locked into the product and the vendor, however it is much easier to change vendors with a Hosted solution.

  • Ties business locations together: With everyone in the company on the same system, there is no need for on-premise hardware at each location.

  • Green: A hosted PBX consumers little power in comparison to an on-premise solution.

  • Share your data circuit: Get more value out of your data circuits by using it for both voice and data.

  • Lower cost of internal costs: A hosted PBX used Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. International calls can cost less with VoIP.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • OPEX model: Businesses today value the ability to expense telecommunications cost as an operational expense model rather than a capital expense.

  • Lower IT costs: A hosted PBX eliminates IT costs for the upkeep and administration of a PBX.

  • Bill consolidation: A hosted PBX solution has one bill for all services. 

  • Mobile workforce support: Allows mobile users to make and receive calls through the company's phone system.

  • One number: Staff can be reached anywhere and anytime using one phone number.

  • Call center: Hosted PBX provides inexpensive call center capabilities, priced by the agent instead of costly software licenses.

  • Softphones: Supports softphones that turn on a computer, laptop or tablet into a business phone.

  • Unified Communications: Hosted PBX delivers voice mail and faxes to a user's inbox, consolidating their messages in one place.

  • Integration with our cloud applications: If you need a custom integration, it's far less expensive and easier with a virtual PBX then an on-premise PBX solution.

  • Improve customer response: All of your locations and remote users are on the same system and transferring calls is made easier.

  • User experience: All users have the same user interface for communications.

  • Easier Administration: Virtual PBXs require only simple administrative skills.

  • Uses Less IT Resources: There is no on-premise PBX hardware to maintain.

  • No Hardware to Maintain: All of the equipment resides in the cloud PBX provider’s data centers.

  • Doesn’t Require Space in Data Room: A cloud PBX does not require space in your data room.

  • Emergency Failover: In the event of an outage or emergency in your office, a Hosted PBX will continue to function.

  • Eliminates Single Point of Failure: A traditional PBX is quite vulnerable to failure. A defective phone line, power outage, PBX failure or damage to your building all brings your communications to a halt. The cloud PBX would continue to function in any of those scenarios.

  • Employees Easily Re-Located: To move an employee, they simply unplug their phone, take it to their new location and plug it in. Within a couple of minutes, the phone is working at the new location.

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