Why do you need a SAM audit?

A Software Asset Management audit enables you to maintain continuous software license compliance and ensures you will be prepared for any vendor software audits.

Many organisations may think they are compliant but really don’t know until a software vendor performs a software audit. A failed audit can result in potential penalties and unbudgeted license expenses. This happens predominantly when IT managers lack visibility into actual software usage, frequently over or underestimating their software needs in an effort to balance cost and end user productivity. Unfortunately this had lead to businesses not having the right volume of licenses for their environment.

Consider undertaking a Phonetek SAM audit

Typical software asset management systems are not built to handle the software license management complexities of high-value enterprise applications like Microsoft, Adobe and other business essential applications. The Phonetek SAM Team provides an ideal solution that enables you to maintain continuous software license compliance and always be prepared for any vendor software audit. This audit will help identify software assets and understand what has been purchased versus what has been installed. It also provides you with vendor software license position certainty and can reconcile usage and software license entitlement data.

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Here's what we do for you:

  • Gather raw deployment data
  • Analyse usage reports
  • Automate licensing operations and entitlements
  • Present baseline report and recommendations

We don't just stop there. After your audit we add additional value by:

  • Providing you and your team with licensing guidance and advise on any future projects
  • Managing all your software renewals to ensure they on time and proactively monitored
  • Managing audit requests from vendors to ensure you are compliant
  • Ensuring you are getting the best possible price, leveraging any vendor discounts available to us
  • Providing yearly budget pricing to ensure you are aware of all your software annual costs.
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