The security landscape is changing

Companies large and small face increasing pressure when it comes to security.

There’s growing complexity around how end-users access corporate networks, security attacks are becoming more sophisticated.

Given all this, cyber and data security are more important than ever. Faced with more attacks, business reputations are on the line and in this risk-laden environment, you need more rigorous prevention, detection and response mechanisms in place to protect your reputation and maintain business as usual operations.

A multi-layered approach to cybersecurity

Yet there’s no single solution. An attack can come from a wide range of sources, so individual security products and technologies must work together to form a cohesive security fabric that covers the complete ICT environment – from the network and endpoint to the cloud and beyond. This multi-layered approach is the only way to combat cyber-attacks and minimise the occurrence of a data breach.

The good news? PhoneTek has designed and built our security, giving you the confidence that your IT environment is secured to the right level.

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Why trust PhoneTek for security?

Breadth of security services

We implement a multi-layered defense strategy to combat the increasingly sophisticated threats facing business. Our integrated approach secures everything from desktop to network to cloud, and everything in between.

Security comes first

Security is embedded in all of our managed services and independent consulting services. Whatever way you engage with PhoneTek, we always ensure your environment has the right security for the risks you face.

Rigorous governance

PhoneTek has achieved ISO27001:2013 certification. This internationally-recognised standard demonstrates our commitment to risk management. We will maintain the confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of your data.

Supporting your risk management

Recognising that risk mitigation runs deeper than the application of security solutions, we help your business develop solid risk management policies and processes – so that you are prepared for whatever is thrown at you.

PhoneTek’s security services

Helping you mitigate and minimise the risk to your business

Security is all about managing risk – it’s up there as a C-level issue. You need to understand and remediate the greatest risks in order to protect internal systems, sensitive customer data and company reputation.

PhoneTek can help assess your security posture, identify the current technical and business security risks, and prioritise remediation efforts. Our Security Consulting services include:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Security audits
  • Facilitation towards ISO 27001 certification
  • Security implementation roadmaps
  • Education on security expectations to staff and stakeholders

We will help you improve your organisation’s approach to security – reducing security incidents; meeting legal, regulatory and statutory requirements; and protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data.

Future-proof your network with a next gen firewall

Using complex techniques to sneak into corporate networks, client-side attacks are on the rise – you need to be very smart to outrun them. And traditional antivirus products aren’t enough to stop them.

For more complete protection against these types of attacks, including the endpoint, you need a next gen firewall solution with integrated features like firewall services, intrusion prevention, web content filtering, application control, antivirus and threat protection, and site-to-site VPN.

PhoneTek offers a virtual next gen firewall, available on a subscription model as a cost-effective way for mid-market customers to benefit from the rich feature set of next gen firewalls.

The latest protection against threats

The cost of mopping up after a breach in email security is huge. You can avoid the costs – both financial and reputational – by implementing a proven email security solution that defends your business against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails.

PhoneTek’s email security service filters Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps; and detects ransomware attacks, impersonation and CxO fraud, zero-day attacks and over 99% of spam. The system quarantines or discards threats to ensure complete security and productivity.

The service solves the most critical email security challenges facing business today; and gives your business complete peace of mind that your systems are safeguarded against all the threats thrown at it.

Endpoint security is your first line of defense against ransomware

With ransomware making headlines for all the wrong reasons, IT managers face increasing pressure to defend endpoints – these are some of the most commonly targeted assets in the security battle.

Indeed, a recent Sophos survey found that 54% of organisations have had their endpoints hit by ransomware, with the average organisation hit twice.

PhoneTek offers a range of best-of-breed endpoint protection solutions – including Microsoft Windows Defender, AVG and FortiClient.

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