What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Saving up to 90% capacity on storage and backup, hyperconverged infrastructure is a new way to reduce your costs and better align enterprise IT with business needs. At its most basic, hyperconverged infrastructure is the conglomeration of the servers and storage devices that comprise the data centre.

Why Hyperconvergence with HPE SimpliVity?

With hyperconvergence technology, you can consolidate all of your hybrid IT into a singular, software-defined storage and computing solution. As your storage is software-defined, it’s highly reliable and incredibly scalable, and if one node within the unit fails, the rest remain unaffected. Phonetek’s Managed Hybrid IT solution incorporates a sophisticated HPE SimpliVity solution – an enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform that unites best-in-class data services with the world’s bestselling server.

Built-in Resiliency, Backup, and Disaster Recovery

SimpliVity delivers the resilience, built-in backup, and bandwidth-efficient replication needed to ensure the highest levels of data integrity and availability, guaranteeing 60-second restore of 1TB VM.

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Why Hybrid IT?

To support diverse workloads and unique business requirements, more and more businesses are relying upon hybrid IT infrastructure, where some apps remain on-premise and others exist in the cloud.

By 2020, 90% of organisations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities.

Demand for traditional data centre outsourcing is shrinking. Worldwide spend is expected to decline from $55.1 billion in 2016 to $45.2 billion in 2020.

Spending on colocation and hosting will increase, from $53.9 billion in 2016 to $74.5 billion in 2020.

Storage as a service will increase from $1.7 billion in 2016 to 2.7 billion in 2020.

Benefits and challenges of typical Hybrid IT environments:

  • Built for purpose : customised to the organisation’s specific needs.
  • Independent :  infrastructure can be sourced from multiple vendors.
    The average company uses cloud from 5-10 vendors and this number keeps increasing.
  • Utilises existing infrastructure :  no need to replace existing storage and applications if they are working well.
  • Difficult to manage : IT staff can spend all their time simply keeping the lights on.
  • Security : cloud services may not offer the level of security or compliance your business needs.
  • Data retrieval : It may also be hard, and costly, to retrieve cloud-based data when needed.
  • Scalability : a hybrid infrastructure can be hard to scale up or down on demand.
  • Disaster recovery : it can be difficult to put effective disaster recovery systems in place.

Why choose Phonetek’s Managed Hybrid IT solution with HPE SimpliVity Hyperconvergence?

Your solution includes always-on compression and deduplication. You can also complete a local backup or local restore of a 1TB VM in under a minute, and your excess data is offloaded to OmniStack Accelerator.

Add or replace SimpliVity OmniStack systems with zero downtime for local or remote sites.

All workloads can be managed simultaneously and migrated from one location to another.

Cost and time savings
With SimpliVity, you can save up to 90% capacity across storage and backup combined. Plus, As Phonetek will manage the entire solution on your behalf, you can significantly reduce your CAPEX costs and simply pay by the month for the services you need.

Ease of use
There are just three clicks required to restore, move or clone a VM from a single console. Plus, you can create or update backup policies for thousands of VMs across dozens of sites in under a minute.

Everything is centralised via a cutting-edge HPE SimpliVity VM box so you can deploy new solutions with ease and move multiple workloads around as it suits you.

Reduced complexity
Combine your entire infrastructure into a simple and flexible building block.

Peace of mind
We provide automated and built-in resiliency, back-up and disaster recovery.