What is Phonetek's Cloud Backup as a Service?

Cloud Backup as a Service takes the time and frustration out of backing up and restoring your electronic data. Through the service, your data is securely and automatically backed up in the cloud in one of Phonetek’s Australia-based datacentres; all you need to do is choose how long that you want to retain your data copies for (between one month and seven years) and let us know when/if you need them. That’s it – we’ll do the rest.

Charged as a single monthly fee based on the total amount of data that you are backing up – rather than an over-inflated quota – our Cloud Backup as a Service can save you money and make things simple.

Do you already have Veeam technology installed within your business? If so, you may also be interested in our Veeam Cloud Connect service.

How does it work?

Cloud Backup as a Service is based on leading industry software produced by our trusted partner, Commvault. This software controls how and when data is backed up to dedicated servers and our robust data storage platform, which is located within Phonetek’s datacentres in Australia.

Cloud backup software is simply installed on a virtual or dedicated physical server within your IT infrastructure.

All backup data transferred from your IT infrastructure to the cloud is then securely encrypted over a dedicated private data or internet connection. This service includes file compression and block-level de-duplication to reduce backup times and file sizes and therefore storage costs.

After an initial backup, only changed files are updated with summary level files created within the cloud copy. Data that you require for long term retention is automatically written to data tape and professionally stored.

Our Cloud Backup as a Service utilises our trusted hardware partner Huawei’s leading scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) hardware to deliver superior backup performance and supreme reliability to our customers.

  • Superior performance: Huawei’s technology delivers high-performance read and write functionality through its proprietary InfoTurbo dynamic storage-tiering technology, enabling the throughput of a single client to reach 2.5 GB/s and their entire system 400 GB/s.
  • Supreme reliability: Huawei’s N+M data protection technology means that backup data can tolerate failure of upto 4 storage nodes (each storage node includes 35 disks) and, with multiple storage nodes will reconstruct data concurrently at a speed of up to 1 TB/hour, you are all but able to eliminate the risk of data loss.

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Why choose Phonetek?

We can add value to your business by providing:

  • Full regulatory compliance. With some of the highest accreditations in Australia (ISO27001:2006), our data centres offer exceptional physical and virtual security. Plus, this service meets the data retention requirements set out by key regulatory bodies, APRA and ASIC.
  • Cost effective backup. We can help you save time and money by removing the manual effort associated with backing up your data. You simply pay for the data you are backing up, which means you can easily scale your service as your business grows. Many cloud-based backup providers charge you for data storage allocation. However, we only charge you for the total amount of compressed and de-duplicated data we protect every month.
  • Customisable backup policies. We give you the flexibility to choose the Backup policy that suits your business needs. Choose to keep data for 1 month, 1 year all the way up to 7 years. If your data needs to remain archived indefinitely, we can do that too and store it on encrypted tape in professional storage facilities.
  • Multi Hypervisor, protect traditional physical servers and databases. Our cloud backup solution is compatible with both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, and if you still run traditional physical dedicated servers, we can protect those too.
  • Real-time monitoring, management and remediation Backups to our cloud happen automatically. To ensure peace of mind, our dedicated cloud operations team receives alerts from our backup platforms and works to remediate any alerts 24/7, for ultimate peace of mind.
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