The IT department’s role has been evolving for as long as they’ve existed, but the pace of change is new.

Key findings from ‘The Transforming role of IT in Medium-Sized Australian Organisations’:
  • Digital transformation is alive! But IT are being marginalised and are seen as ‘Enablers/Supporters’, rather than ‘Drivers’ or ‘Strategic’
  • Managing security and business risk’ came out on-top in terms of Australian medium-sized organisation IT professionals’ focus, but IT professionals in the Australian mid-market aren’t doing enough.
  • Most medium-sized Australian organisations have small internal IT teams and external support undertakes 48% of IT work and has a pivotal, evolving role.
  • Just 9% of new technologies aren’t being fully utilised.
  • Australian medium-sized organisations aren’t hot on Hybrid IT yet, but with increasing SaaS adoption, they soon could be.
  • Allowing flexible working seems important, yet it’s growing and IT departments aren’t ready nor prioritising it
Who should read this?
  • IT professionals looking to know the latest trends in their sector, understand what they mean for their role, and discover how they can take advantage of them
  • Business decision-makers who want to know how the role of IT is evolving and what else IT departments can bring to their organisations
  • Anyone with an interest in developing their career in IT.

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